Monday, February 17, 2014

prayer move mountains

Every single day, hour, minutes that you go through, God brings you nearer to the Purpose why He has kept you alive. At times you might be a contact reference for His mission to be a accomplished somewhere, You and me can’t just guess what God has set forth. This year am believing God for prayers, teaming up together and agreeing that God will BRING IT. I thank God for this wonderful connection through this network, i am here looking for someone that can stand with us in PRAYER for our owendo ministry. One single prayer offered to God, can bring about a lot of changes for this ministry. Pray that God will bring forth Men and Women that will stand for Gods’ Vision & Mission to be fulfilled in the lives of these people in the rural. And that the programs and activities will get moving. Pray that as we share the WORD of God with these people they truly see Gods’ LOVE for them and open their hearts for Christ to enter and get the salvation. Your prayer will do a grate work.
Stay blessed.

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