Friday, August 12, 2011

Owendo profile

Organizational Structure -- OWENDO is comprised of the General Assembly, at the top, followed by the Board of Directors, Team Leader /Country Director, and the team that work together and volunteers. Funding Sources --- Members’ contributions currently constitute the bigger part of funding for most project implementation; some fund contribution from a well-wisher was given in support of the water project. This has consequently created a funding gap because the funds raised are not sufficient to enable the organization to satisfactorily deliver on its mandate. Where We Work -- OWENDO operates in the District of Mayuge situated in Eastern Uganda. The Organization’s programmes and projects have so far covered the villages and parishes that form up Waitambogwe sub country in Mayuge District. Contact Address P.O. Box 923, Jinja, Uganda. Phone:+256779468001 E-mail: or Website: Contact person Robert Talugende Country Director

Owendo profile

Vision --- OWENDO envisions prosperous, healthy and self-supportive communities with a high quality of life in the Rural Communities of Mayuge and Uganda at Large. Mission --- To marshal the deprived and mobilize internal and external resources for self-help grassroots initiatives which promote human security and sustainable livelihoods in Mayuge District. Objectives ---- a) To increase the number of orphans and other vulnerable children accessing basic needs; b) To reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS infection among vulnerable populations; c) To raise the per ca pita consumption of safe and clean water in low income communities; d) To regenerate the depleted forest cover through tree-planting; e) To reduce prevalence of malaria among children and expectant mothers; f) To raise nutritional standards in marginalized households; and g) To enhance income levels among the youth and women through vocational and entrepreneurial skills training. Legal Status -- OWENDO is a legal entity registered with the Community, Culture, Youth and Women in Development Sections of the Community Based Services Department of Mayuge District Administration. The organization’s Registration Number is MYG/DNB/197/07.

Owendo profile

Who We Are ----- Orphans Widows Elderly Needy Development Organization (OWENDO) is a registered, non-profit, community based organization founded in 2005 with a social conscience orientation. OWENDO’s purpose is to empower and salvage children orphans, widow, elderly, and all the needy people (the youth, the disabled) who always find themselves in marginal and extremely vulnerable positions. The purpose is achieved by adopting the strategies of community involvement, action training, replication as well as collaboration and linkages with other development partners. The pathways to community empowerment which also double as programme areas are Livelihood Skills Development, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children Welfare, Primary Health Care including water need and both Agro-Business and Agro-forestry.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

water project

Thanks be to God.... the water project is going on well. We thank God for all the support that is coming in.... the door is open for any body to get involved in supporting. Robert