Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why you need to support.

Your contribution will impact a numbers of people in the country of Uganda throughout the development of the rural communities. This coming year, with your gift today, we will impact many lives of both Adults and children. OWENDO has been doing this work for now 5 years. Supporting the children with basic scholastic materials (sponsorship) and training the widows in art & craft skills… and helping in establishing the market, so you can be sure that your gift will go where it's most needed. We're a rural community based organization whose work is focused on creating change from the ground up in the rural communities in Uganda xxxx healing the world, but we can't do it without you... OWENDO will spend your contribution wisely and responsibly. Remembering that all that we do and say do reflect the Love of Christ to all that are supported. We promise that your donation today will truly make a difference in 2011 and beyond. We know that you have many choices to make about your giving in 2011. Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity and choosing to be a partner.